Common Core State Standards

We know that there is a lot of pressure on teachers today to meet Common Core standards. Every day Channel One news broadcasts offer a number of Common Core connections. Here’s what we’re doing to make it easier than ever for you to incorporate the show into your curriculum:

Common Core State Standards
  • EdGate correlations– scroll to the bottom of this page to search Common Core connections to the show’s content.
    • Search by standards to simply identify the standards in your state
    • Search by content to find Channel One stories and their standards correlations.
      • Search today’s show or any show from our archive.
  • Beginning Monday, February 25th, each day we will offer on-screen prompts that will point out Common Core connections throughout the broadcast. Watch the short video below to see examples of what to expect in each broadcast.

Video: CCSS Prompts

We've got big news for teachers!

Education Correlations

To ensure that our offerings meet the highest educational standards, Channel One Network has partnered with EdGate Correlation Services to identify how the issues and topics explored on Channel One News align with your school's requisite state and national course curriculum and teaching mandates.


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